Date: 14 June 2019 at 5:17:53 PM IST To: Subject: Disbursement Date Dear Abhishek, Good Evening, We know there has been alot of delay in your current file [Govindji from Bangalore], after all the discussion which I had with Mr.Singh. I got a final decision which is from 24th June - 28th June, Mr. Singh wld be available in Pune & Govindji's Loan Disbursement of amount 6cr; would be disbursed on 25th June, hence there would be no more delay's. For any discussion you can call me. Thanks, Meghna Joshi" From 25th of June nothing happened, Mr Abhishek Tiwari started making reasons that he has met with an accident and hospitalized in some IM Hospital Vashi, I called up IM Hospital to inquire it was told to us that there is no patient by name Abhishek Tiwari. He is been dragging us and also returning us our Money and threatening us saying he has Political Background and we can do nothing to him. Please take necessary action Thanking You M. Goving Raj 9845756977 "> Loan Fraud
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